The Fraser Institute release an exciting new project for International Women’s Day

The Fraser Institute new study Women and Progress: Impact of Economic Freedom and Women’s Well-Being assesses how economic freedom, adjusted for gender disparities, improves the lives of women and girls everywhere.

Many people have long argued that quantitative economic measures, such as GDP, have an inherent gender bias because they often fail to capture the economic condition of women, so we are pleased to say that the Fraser Institute recently adjusted its internationally renowned Economic Freedom of the World Index to account for gender inequality. This recognizes the fact that institutions that protect economic freedom are not always equally shared between men and women, making it more difficult—sometimes impossible—for women to enjoy the benefits of greater economic freedom in their countries.

Niels Veldhuis, president of the Fraser Institute, writes: “We believe this project will be a landmark in research on the relationship between economic freedom and women’s empowerment and over all freedom”.

The institute has also created a new website for this project( which is even more impressive. The website is live now so please click on the link to have a look. They have a major online campaign planned for the next two weeks which includes promoting the Women and Progress website, video and infographics on social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Source: The Fraser Institute