“I’m not a Marxist but…” and the LGBT lobby passes us over

As we have affirmed many times, in the radical feminist movements, in the LGTB, in the Indian movement, there is no defense of rights that in classical liberalism they already have: to be themselves, to have all the individual rights that any person has and make their own life according to the right to personal privacy. No, they feel part of “new exploited collectives” (women, indigenous people, gays, trans people, lesbians, etc.) by their time, “new exploitative collectives” such as patriarchy, whites, heterosexual patriarchy, etc. That is, it is a perfect re-edition of the Marxist theory of exploitation where the exploiter of all time, capitalism, is now the heterosexual patriarchal white capitalism, where its newly exploited are the already described groups.

For this reason it is totally coherent that these groups, both in Europe and in the USA, break the original political pact, that is: individuals, persons, all enjoying the same individual rights (religious freedom, of expression, of teaching, of property, of association) under a limiting constitution of political power, where each, each freely organized community, can freely express their conception of the world, do what they want and say what they want without it being a crime for any other free association. But no. As they are the “exploited” they invent new crimes (hate speech, discrimination, violate the right to be treated as what they say they are, violate the right to be treated according to neutral pronouns, etc.) to finally reach power (an excellent combination of Gramsci, Hitler and Marx) to finally impose absolutely, as in any revolution, their conception of the world by force and throwing to the sea, if necessary, the perfidious exploiters of heteropatriarchal capitalism (and if we add hetero – white – patriarchal – Christian, there they have the sum of all evils).

That is why dialogue with them is impossible because the one that does not coincide is necessarily an exploiter, an aggressor. Some, the more moderate ones, may feel sorry for us, they will look at us like the poor exploiter who knows nothing and does not understand anything, and they will grant us perhaps five minutes of peace. But we did not cross in one of their marches because if they could they would burn us alive besides the set of blows and insults that they will give us.

The philosophical notion behind this is that of methodological collectivism, that is, a methodology of analysis of the society where the person acting is not the individual but exploited or exploited collectives where the individual is subsumed in that dialectic and therefore or necessarily we are from one side or the other and we necessarily think like oppressors or oppressed.

To refute this one needs to go to methodological individualism. The tragedy is that most Catholics, who do not want to know anything with these new gender ideologies and so on, do not know anything about methodological individualism either, because it has been developed by the “bad” liberals Mises, Hayek and Popper, who are therefore almost unmentionable in their universities, with which they lose the only intellectual vaccine against the Marxist theory of exploitation. It is more: they repeat until the fatigue that they are not Marxists but that “in that” Marx was right… And with that weak intellectual armor they then try to refute the ideologies of the genre and so on.

I have killed myself explaining that methodological individualism is totally compatible with St. Thomas Aquinas but obviously I am just a non-Marxist drop in a Marxist ocean, an ocean composed of those who say “I am not a Marxist BUT…”.

BUT that is how these new ideologies are passing us by.

Written by Gabriel Zanotti