A bad step in PASO elections

INFOBAE – The first effective sampling of the electoral process reveals an extremely adverse result for the government. Missing the first round and eventually a second, but the exercise now occurred at the polls is unfortunate for this management.

It is not about crying over spilled milk but about doing an examination of conscience and having the temper to correct what needs to be corrected. Personally, I believe that if the supporters of the previous administration triumphed in the final contest, there would be a point of very difficult return since the republican values ​​are at stake. This time the “let’s go for everything” will take us to the last consequences. Defeat in steps 2019, Argentine political situation.

The current government began very badly with the little dance at the Casa Rosada with the presidential band, which was a sign of capitalization and capital frivolity. Then the Executive increased the number of ministries and sought to appoint by decree two members of the Supreme Court of Justice.

The balance of this presidency was the increase in public spending in absolute terms (and I do not mention the ratio with the gross product since the increase in this figure does not justify an expansion of the Leviathan), expanded the total deficit, intensified the tax burden on the context of a tangle that has no point of comparison in civilized nations, exponentially inflated the debt and maintains a monthly inflation equivalent to the annual one of other countries. And all this with the main responsibility of the Executive.

I do not intend to adopt all the measures that liberalism has been proclaiming for decades, but at least some bulls have to be taken for the antlers, otherwise the disaster is safe since the expansion in poverty rates are alarming. You cannot insist on the current direction or declare empty sentences, it is necessary to realize that with this size of the state apparatus life becomes unfeasible.

It is good and very timely to remember thoughts like those of Leandro Alem, who affirmed in the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires: «govern as little as possible, because the less strange government man has, the more freedom advances, more self-government has and more strengthens its initiative and develops its activity». We have become accustomed to being run by the bureaucrats on duty, instead of opening the doors for creative energy. The producer is monitored and prosecuted with unprecedented tax burdens.

The issue is not even to cut and trim expenses but to eliminate functions incompatible with the republican system. As we have repeated so many times, as in gardening, pruning makes it grow more vigorously. Let us take at least some of the Alberdian councils that allowed our country to be at the forefront of civilized nations before the fascist coup of the 30′ and much more acute with the military coup of 1943, from which we have maintained and increased a galloping statism, that it is essential to begin to reverse.

We trust that this administration will be able to return on its path after the experience of the PASO and that it will not disappoint those who believe in the Republic since what is located in front will not allow freedom of the press and what remains of justice will be demolished Independent. Good intentions and decency are not enough, substantive measures are urgently needed to get out of the morass we are in. It is no longer possible to repeat the inheritance received, if we neglect this government it will leave an inheritance difficult to trace.

In this journalistic note I want to emphasize the imperative need to open discussions with background ideas, which I try in most of my weekly columns. We are too involved in the analysis of the situation as dogs that in a circle intend to bite their tails, without seeing that only with evaluations of ideas and fundamental principles can we have reasonable conjunctures in the future. Of course, the situation informs about what happened but if there is a total dedication to these events we will never leave the eggplant in which we are. The same can be said of the electoral processes, we are too aware of the polls without understanding that the results depend exclusively on the cultural battle. That is why the reason was attended by the Marxist Antonio Gramsci when he said “Take culture and education and the rest is added.”

Then I make in these lines a double invitation: first to my colleagues of all professions who dedicate time and effort to proposals that go to the bottom of the problems that afflict us. Among many other things, it is essential to return to the genuinely federal system where the provinces share the central government and not vice versa for the financing of defense, foreign relations and federal justice. It is imperative to review monetary policy, fiscal, labor, foreign trade and remake the heavy organizational chart of the Executive. On other occasions we have stopped to make suggestions for the limitation of political power in order to strengthen the democratic regime in line with respect for people’s rights, which constitutes the core aspect of the system. All this and much more requires open debates.

And second, to the current government that adopts measures that attack the root of our evils since otherwise the good done will remain in simple anecdotes. I suggest that with the calm, serenity, and decision necessary, the entire cabinet be replaced immediately and a discourse diametrically opposed to the one used until now be begun. Nothing is gained by linking to the world if the locals drag an unbearable ballast to compete properly.

I am writing on the night of August 11, the PASO election has just happened, so I end up saying that although this administration is responsible for many errors, such as those referred, it will not be responsible if there are shocks in the markets that will eventually be due to the risks of a return to the embarrassment and the colossal corruption of the previous government even if they tried to introduce a more conciliatory future in the speeches of the opposition of greater weight.

By Alberto Benegas Lynch