Solanet analyzed the election result and what is coming

DIARIO SAN RAFAEL – The economist Manuel Solanet, from Libertad y Progreso Foundation, analyzed the political landscape after the election results that enshrined Alberto Fernández as elected president were known, although with less advantage than expected according to some surveys.

The experienced economist stressed that the improvement in the results of Mauricio Macri regarding the PASO gives strength to the transition and the future. He also described as “negative fact” the victory in the first round of “a force that comes with the vices that were exposed yesterday in the initial speeches.” Alberto Fernandez president-elect

“The transition depends on the collaboration of the elected authorities, breakfast is positive (between Macri and Fernández), that is the way to live together, not as the transition of command took place in 2015. The fall in confidence has been manifested in the fall of the peso and dollar reserves. The strictest stocks I think was necessary because on Friday there was a phenomenal diarrhea, ”he said regarding the decision of the Central Bank to limit the purchase of foreign currency for individuals to 200 dollars per month.

Then he made an analysis of what is coming and the speeches heard the night of election day. “These days until December 10, if done rationally, they will be in a collaborative way, if done differently… Kicillof’s speech was very ideological, as was Cristina Kirchner’s short speech. The next government has to put aside these ideological proposals that today are useless; It is clear that if we go along the Bolivarian way, we will go to an extremely dangerous situation. ”

Finally, Solanet opined on how this victory can be received in the world. “Argentina has” defaulted “nine times, they always look at us with great distrust, the triumph of this coalition is not going to be well taken in the world, it depends on who looks at it. We are going to have to show that we are not on the road to Venezuela, we have to start walking, for now, what we have is the electoral result and the speeches we saw on stage.


Hear to Solanet interview in Spanish