«An inflationary escalation and more poverty are on the way»

Foto Aldo Abram
Aldo Abram

INFO-PILAR – The economist Aldo Abram questioned the strong monetary issue ordered by the national government – “tremendous” – under the pretext that “there is no other option”

Abram understood that this issue “is to finance the government and its expenses and vulnerable people”, but that it translates into “a strong loss of the value of our currency” and, “worse” in “an inflationary escalation and more poverty.”

The executive director of the Fundación Libertad y Progreso, in dialogue with “El 1° de la Mañana” (Cadena 94.9, Pilar), considered that what has been broadcast “is outrageous”, while also evaluating that “no other source of financing is observed”.

Finally, after stating that “the money the State spends comes out of the taxes we all pay”, Abram was convinced that “we will all be severely hit by the crisis”,