The “Official” Dollar Will Have A Monthly Rise Of 3%; And At The End Of The Year, The “Blue” Would Reach $ 200

LA MAÑANA ONLINE – National media reported that after a “short” week with the July 9 holiday on Thursday and with the “bridge holiday” on Friday 10, the markets “took a break”. However, the “blue” dollar continued to operate in the illegal circuit, and yesterday it reached $ 127, while the “official” price of the US currency was located on Wednesday, the 8th business day of the week, at $ 74. ,fifty.

Also, it was exposed that in the “parallel” market, on Wednesday the 8th, the stock prices remained practically stable. The stock market dollar or MEP closed at $ 108.98, while the “Cash With Liquidation” (CCL) ended at $ 109.12.

Regarding the present and future of the dollar, the economist Aldo Abram, executive director of the “Libertad y Progreso” Foundation, told La Mañana that during the quarantine, the “official” price of the currency had a monthly rise of 3 %; and estimated that this level of increase will be maintained and will lead to an increase in the Consumer Price Index reported by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).

In turn, the expert predicted that by the end of the year, the “blue” dollar will exceed $ 180 and could reach $ 200. “The parallel prices of the dollar do not have a greater impact on inflation, but they demonstrate the depreciation of the National currency. Goods usually follow the value of the ‘official’ dollar. We will not have a greater contribution of goods to inflation, “he assured.

“The official listing makes goods cheaper artificially, and all depreciation is reflected only in parallel markets and in the values ​​of services, in the latter case with some delay,” he added.

“Sometimes, you don’t have to think only about the good, but about the cost of services that good adds up, before reaching the final commercialization. To the extent that the national government continues to ‘delay’ the value of goods through the official exchange rate, the price of any product placed at the factory or at the border, if imported, will have a difference with respect to to the gondola to be expanded, “he specified.

In another order, Aldo Abram rejected that this year there is a “mega-devaluation” of the national currency, and considered that in 2020 a scenario of these characteristics would only be generated if an “catastrophe” in economic matters occurs, such as a “default” of the debt contracted with external creditors, which, added to the high level of monetary issue by the Central Bank, would lead to a scenario of rapid and excessive depreciation of the peso.