Declaration of the National Academy of Education on the attempts of ideological manipulation in educational institutions.

The National Academy of Education considers an inescapable duty
express serious concern regarding attempts to
ideological manipulation in the field of educational institutions,
that have been made public recently. They are noticed in
contents of the curricular designs, in the study materials
prepared by different educational administrations as well as in the
texts used by students.

Therefore, in view of this worrying situation, it is appropriate to reiterate the
expressions made in the face of a similar circumstance, in their
August 2012 statement on “Party political indoctrination
in the schools”. In short, before and now the Academy reaffirms the
following principles enshrined in the National Constitution, in the
international treaties with constitutional hierarchy and in
national legislation:

• Freedom of teaching and learning.

• Right of parents to choose education for their children in accordance
with their own convictions.

• Respect for the dignity of the people who attend the institutions
educational at all levels in terms of developing their capacity
to freely discern and develop the
critical thinking without any kind of partisan political indoctrination.

• Plurality and cultural diversity within the framework of autonomy

In this sense, the National Academy of Education maintains that,
in accordance with the provisions of art. 3 of the National Education Law
no.26.206, “Education is a
national priority and becomes a State policy to build
a just society, reaffirm national sovereignty and identity,
deepen the exercise of citizenship
democracy, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and
strengthen the economic-social development of the Nation ”.

Meeting these clear objectives requires that the institutions
educational institutions, which constitute a public sphere, respect the diversity
and academic freedom and the debate of ideas and the search for
consensus. That means banishing from the classrooms the single thought that
it ends up inciting fanaticism.

Jose Maria La Greca
Academic Secretary