An open window to hope

Enrique Avogadro

NotiAr – The generosity of a group of important friends (diplomats, historians, economists, journalists, political scientists, the military, experts in agribusiness, etc.) allowed me to join, from the beginning of the “cuareterna”, to a daily reflection meeting on the Argentine and international reality and, above all, the probability of changing the collision course that we have chosen for decades. In that forum, the defects that we find in the main opposition bloc, Together for Change, were raised, especially due to the lack of a general proposal that can offer citizens an optimistic horizon to get out of the deep crisis in which we find ourselves. Until now, this conglomerate of political forces –PRO, Radicalism and Civic Coalition- is limiting its actions to denouncing the attacks of the Front for All against the Republic and its institutions, staying in the strict conjuncture and obtaining no fruit whatsoever due to the fierce resistance of your adversaries.

The Instituto Patria, that hotbed of populist and old-fashioned economists in La Cámpora led by Cristina Fernández and who increasingly occupies more and more key positions in the state estates and in the most desirable boxes, works all day, and every day, to become a nation ravaged by misery, ignorance and massive corruption, in which we are all dependent on a corrupt state at every moment more emaciated and ineffective, faithfully following the model that the tyrannical Cuban and Venezuelan regimes imposed on their peoples and Nicaraguan.

In our view, there is only one work team, which includes the best teams from Recrear and Uni2, which has developed a government and public policy plan capable of restoring hope in the possibility of a future other than the one we currently see. it offers us the disastrous past, product of the repetition of mistakes and bad intentions, the same ones that our daily life exhibits today. I’m talking about Freedom and Progress, and the plan can be read at In it you will find concrete proposals on topics such as: State reform, taxes and federal co-participation, labor regime, foreign trade, citizen security, defense, Justice, education, financial system and energy policy; that is, all the key issues to take a real step forward, truly different from those we have taken so far.

In August, if Máximo Kirchner wants, we will have STEP. And they should serve so that all of us who consider ourselves opponents of this tragic ruling party compete in them within the same structure, so that ordinary citizens are the ones who choose the candidates that we take to the October legislatures. Obviously, this unification needs the generous acceptance of Juntos por el Cambio to compete with other candidates, non-K Peronists, conservatives, liberals and from other minority parties that, dispersed, can complicate the essential result we need: preventing the Front from stopping. All obtain the number of additional deputies that allows them to access their own quorum, that is, the final subjugation of the Republic.

I do not deny that the road will be arduous, because so many uninterrupted years of populism have made the mentality of the majority of society today infected with that rare disease that consists of thinking that all goods and services are human rights, that the State It must provide us with them at no cost (what a fallacy, since we always pay for it with crazy taxes!) and that work, effort and merit cannot and should not be required of us to improve our condition.

But part, at least, of that path is being followed by the Government, easing our task. By repeating the harmful policies of prices and tariffs, of intervention in the economy and energy, of ignorance of contracts, of comings and goings in rules and regulations, of growing corruption and capitalism of friends, of war against the countryside and the free press, of attack on Justice, of repudiation of modernity and of the investment that they practiced during the first twelve and a half years in which Cristina Fernández and her husband exercised power, will soon run into the hard wall of the total lack of resources to finance their nonsense. If you wait for China or Russia (Hugo Chávez is no longer here) to come to your aid, the onerous sovereignty compensation that these countries, whose terrible violations of human rights do not seem to bother you, will be asking for a lethal match for a local situation of by itself already explosive.

In that scenario I also include a situation to which we are not paying due attention. I am referring to the conflict with the pseudo-Mapuches, who are replicating in southern Argentina and Chile the adventure that the ERP carried out in Tucumán in 1975, where it intended to build a separate territory from the Argentine State and achieve international recognition as a belligerent party. Then and now, the presence of the legal forces was violently resisted by the insurgents, with the open collaboration of government officials, until the Peronist government ordered the repression with Operation Independence; But, unlike at that time, today the terrorists are associated with the great drug trafficking cartels, the Colombian FARC and the Peruvian Shining Path.

There is still an opportunity for optimism. Let’s not waste it!