The institutions of liberty are the real solution to poverty.

As organizations that support the free market, we firmly believe that billions were able to lift themselves out of poverty through innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to the institutions of liberty. That's why we reject solutions to poverty based on state intervention and income redistribution, which only serve to stop the creation of wealth and impoverish the population.
Instead, we propose policies that focus on the following principles, similar to those that have enabled reduce extreme poverty from 26.8% world population to 5.4% in just three decades.

1. Rule of law: We believe in respect for the independence of institutions that guarantee equality before the law and for property rights.
2. Market freedom: We believe that the best way to create jobs and increase wealth is to trust the ability of people to undertake and decide what goods and services to consume.
3. Free trade: We believe that the free exchange of goods and ideas benefits everyone and that this exchange is crucial for society to evolve.