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Scruton and the Left

This article was published in La Razón (Spain) on June 5th, 2021. British thinker Roger Scruton, who died last year, called progressive ideologues “Fools, frauds, and

socialismo política
International policy

The socialist empire of the Incas

CATO – Carlos Rodríguez Braun comments on the proto-socialism of the Incas, as this was pointed out by Marx and studied by Louis Baudin in his

impuestos en europa

Taxes for a few

CATO – Carlos Rodríguez Braun indicates that the empirical evidence suggests that the countries or regions that attract resources from abroad are usually rich countries or regions

El robo del socialismo

Piracy and socialism

CATO – The interesting book by Steven Johnson, A Pirate Against Capital, published by Taurus, originally bears this title: Enemy of Humanity: The True Story of

recuperación económica coronavirus

Poverty And Recovery

CATO- THE REASON – Carlos Rodríguez Braun says that poverty in Spain is closely linked to unemployment and that unfortunately the adjustment seems to be


The communist magic

LA RAZÓN SPAIN – One of the most remarkable efforts of prestidigitation in the world of ideas has been and continues being communist propaganda. The first thing the communists