Member of the Academic Council of Libertad y Progreso.
PhD in Administration from the Catholic University of La Plata and Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the UBA. His research has been collected internationally and he has published books and scientific and outreach articles. He has served as Rector of ESEADE and as a consultant for the University of Manchester, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, OAS, IDB and G7Group, Inc. He has received awards and scholarships, including the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship and the Freedom Project of the John Templeton Foundation.


Milton Friedman and Corporate Social Responsibility. – John Mackey. From Whole Foods, DiscussMilton Friedman: “The social responsibility of entrepreneurs is to increase their profits.” The article, published in the New York

Evolución de la economía

Contradictions of Protectionist Populism

CLARÍN – We already know that the Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed all kinds of changes, many of which we hope will be temporary, although some


The moral dilemma of the Corona Virus

Martin Krause – Suppose you have Ana Frank and her family hidden in the back of your house and suddenly a Gestapo officer knocks on the door asking if there are Jews there, as they understand that they have been hiding in some houses in Amsterdam. What do you do?