Libertad y Progreso, honored with the Juan Carlos Cachanosky prize for the dissemination of the ideas of freedom

SANTIAGO DE CHILE.- Within the framework of the Liberty Forum Latin America, Fundación Libertad y Progreso received its second Juan Carlos Cachanosky Prize for the dissemination of the principles of a free society, presented by Atlas Network.

The distinction was awarded in recognition of the videos series made by the Foundation. It is the second time that Libertad y Progreso receives this distinction for its audiovisual productions.

The award was presented by Brad Lips, from Atlas Network, to the general director of Libertad y Progreso and screenwriter of the videos, the economist Agustín Etchebarne.

Juan Carlos Cachanosky, who died on December 31, 2015, was an economist at the UCA (Argentina Catholic University) and Ph.D. at Grove City College, Pennsylvania, under the direction of Hans Sennholz, who in turn was a pupil of Ludwig von Mises. As his brother Roberto recalled in an article in La Nación, Juan Carlos had a very broad teaching activity, being a professor at Eseade, at UCA in Buenos Aires and in Rosario, at Ucema and at the UBA. He was also dean at the Business School of the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, and taught economics at SMC University, in Switzerland, and at the Liechtenstein Academy. Although he was a prolific author, he excelled in his research on the 1929 crisis, in which he developed a completely new point of view about its causes and how it was solved.

To see the award-winning animations of the Foundation, go to the following link