Libertad y Progreso is a public policy research center created from the merger between CIIMA, Foro Republicano and Futuro Argentino. We join together to form a center of critical thinking and applied research to solve the problems of citizenship, promoting the values and principles of the Federal Representative Republic.

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We are a non-profit, private and independent foundation of any political party, religious belief, business group or government. We do not accept money from the State. Our funds come only from individual contributions from people, foundations and companies committed to the future of the country.


See Argentina transformed into an open society based on respect for individual rights, limited government, private property, free markets and peace.


Develop and promote long-term public policies and promote citizen participation and debate on the role of the State and people in our society.

Alberdianos is a team of young people associated with our foundation. Since 2013, monthly meetings are held where politics, economics, philosophy are discussed and where they organize various initiatives of which they are protagonists. Alberdianos have their own space on the Libertad y Progreso website. They are encouraged to write opinion and analysis articles, and the best notes are published not only on our site but also on important media. In addition, many of them are collaborators in different reports and projects carried out by Libertad y Progreso and in different opportunities they participate in radio programs spreading the ideas of the Foundation.

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