Libertad y Progreso

A 21-st century coup?

LA NACIÓN: Cristina Fernández has called, directly and indirectly, a march for the Supreme Court to resign. Her arguments are

Martin Krause

On passions and political divisions

INFOBAE – There are certain ideas that we assume as creeds, feeding the divisions among us. Where do they come

Articles & Op-Eds
Alberto Benegas Lynch (h)

On Biden’s alleged Peronism

 This article was published in La Nación on June 22nd, 2021. If we add pasty ingredients to the many serious problems

Carlos Alberto Montaner

Why Peru screwed up

Article by Carlos A. Montaner published in CNN en español on May 4, 2021 Carlos Alberto Montaner believes that half

manejo de la justicia reformas

What really is “lawfare”?

LA NACIÓN – The expression lawfare, so fashionable and so close to the political allegations of Kirchnerism, is not new

National Policy
Emilio Apud

Tariff fraud

CLARIN – One of the definitions of fraud is: “Financial deception with the intention of obtaining a benefit and with

feminismo abuso político
Natalia Motyl

What is feminism?

INFOBAE – Equality before the law and respect for women’s rights are crucial for the construction of a democratic society.

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