Libertad y Progreso, in a debate on intellectual property rights in Bogotá

The Libertad y Progreso Foundation participated on September 25 in a round table on public health, trade and innovation. The event, called International Think Tank Dialogue on Health, Trade and Innovation, was held in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, organized by the Geneva Network and counted with the participation of think tanks from Chile, Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Germany, South Africa, Italy, India, Canada, Peru and Guatemala.  

In this round table the challenges to achieve improvements in public health and access to medicines were raised. For example, Professor Nilanjan Banik commented on the progress and difficulties of this critical issue in a country as huge and full of contrasts as India is.  

The conclusion was that in health matters it is as true as in other areas that competition and respect for property rights increase innovation, which ends up generating better access to health and more and better medicines. To this is added that the countries that achieve improvements in these two aspects end up attracting more investments. And this is true, according to Richard Owens of the Macdonald-Lauriel Institute for countries in “… in any state of development”.  

On this occasion, Libertad y Progreso presented the work “Argentina: a path to knowledge”, written by Martin Krause and Jorge Otamendi, who was exposed in the activity by his envoy, the lawyer specialized in intellectual property rights Francisco de Zavalía.