Libertad y Progreso, a focus on Argentina 2040

In a fundraising event held at the Hotel Alvear Icon in Puerto Madero, the organization showed its proposal of reforms and made a balance of the year.

With the participation of partners and sponsors, including prominent businessmen, politicians, economists, and representatives of numerous entities, the Libertad y Progreso Foundation closed its year with a fundraising event at the Alvear Icon Hotel in Puerto Madero, an event where its package of structural reforms, with an eye on the Argentina of 2040, was presented.

Manuel Solanet, Agustín Etchebarne and Aldo Abram, showed the ideas of the Foundation around 6 thematic axes: Sound money, labor reform, tax reform, state reform, economic opening and deregulation. The proposals were exhibited in fun stands distributed in the cozy halls of the hotel, where young volunteers of the organization, with the help of visually attractive brochures and videos, showed the contents of each of the think tank’s proposals.

Dr. Lars-André Richter, president of the Naumann Foundation in Argentina, welcomed the attendees and the work of the various present organizations that promote the ideas of freedom. Afterwords Enrique Duhau, entrepreneur and member of Libertad y Progreso Board,  invited the attendees to continue their support on the ideas and fight for a better Argentina in the future. Finally Agustín Etchebarne thanked the support of the Foundation’s partners, organizations such as Naumann and Atlas, the Freedom Network, the academic and entrepreneurial councils of the organization, the 400 young volunteers (Alberdianos), journalism and the staff of Libertad and Progreso and their families. The speeches ended with a toast by Aldo Abram and Manuel Solanet.

The proceeds from the event will serve to continue the work of the Foundation for the structural reforms that Argentina needs to move forward.

Among the attendees were Manuel Sacerdote, David Sutton, Alejandro Duhau, Federico Zorraquín, Emilio Ocampo, Agustín Monteverde, Hector Mario Rodríguez, Santiago Bergadá, Adolfo Casabal, Paula Urroz and Eduardo Amadeo, former Energy Secretary Emilio Apud, Alejandro Bongiovanni, Eduardo Marty, Marcos Hilding Ohlsson, Ana Caprav, Rodolfo Distel, Juan Manuel Aguero, among others.