The disastrous consequences of not being able to overcome the Political Crack

Visión liberal – Paraphrasing that well-known legal principle, more and more are those who feel annoyed at the forcefulness of the facts and the difficulty of defending the inadmissible. Those who rule should take note of what happens, instead of being offended with their victims for not understanding a strategy, obviously, unfortunate.

It has been left behind, at least for now, that time of the monolithic and compact discourse, in which there was only the possibility of applauding the boss of the day and avoid any type of discrepancy, especially in public, at the risk of being quickly banished from the ruling caste.

The electoral defeat of 2015 became an interesting hinge, without any unappealable dogmatisms, nor an excess of linear fanatics full of cowards without the courage to question any of the decisions.

Nobody had any guarantee that these new winds could really solve the underlying problems, but that irrational hope, so typical of modern societies, gave way to a moderate enthusiasm.

This would start a succession of successes and errors. Then appeared the new flattering, those who sought to transform the occasional success in brilliant determinations worthy of disproportionate praise. Those same condescending, minimized each one of the blunders always adducing diverse justifications, like the little experience, the little time elapsed and the recurrent resource of the received inheritance. The months passed, the explanations were losing momentum and the mistakes multiplied in numbers, increasing even the level of impact on citizenship with indisputable consequences.

The Argentine policy at this point, the deception is winning and those who formed the central core of support for the government travel a path of decomposition as gradual as the policies fiercely defended. On the opposite side, that primitive populism lurks that has built the pillars of this disaster and that does not even have the decency to assume the paternity of this pathetic model that has failed everywhere.

They are not a threat because they have the right solutions, but because those who governed chose a nefarious path. They are not there, crouching, waiting for a new opportunity on their own merits, but because of the incapacity of the arrogant and inept.

Those who are now committing the same renewed nonsense as their adversaries, when they do not even have the courage to admit the unfeasibility of the selected path, the one they both revered with passion and that only brought with it the disappointing results that are too much insight. They did not know how to do it, they did not have enough will, they underestimated the panorama, they believed that their mere presence would attract the world and that would work magically.

The truth is that this diagnosis does not matter anymore. The future is uncertain. The options are not the best and society is caught in a dilemma as uncomfortable as complex. Many believe that this eventual polarization is already a fact and that we will have to choose.

It is possible that this happens, but what is still unacceptable is that those who destroyed the country for decades continue to give a moral lecture as if they had nothing to do with all the hardships of the present. People are not stupid. The citizenship may still be something immature, somewhat abject and even naive enough to wait for “elm pears”, but it is by no means healthy to belittle their criteria.

Those who do will suffer, sooner or later, the civic contempt they deserve. But it is equally intolerable, and enormously unjust, that the staunch promoters of current policies claim that those who criticize the government play into the hands of the opposition and want the former to return.

Those who have not done their homework are those who govern and it was the serial flatterers of these decisions who got these deplorable results. They should be ashamed of what they have achieved instead of being offended by those who warned that the future was not there. They did not address any of the structural problems. Not only did they not provide concrete solutions, but they aggravated many of those already present, which continue to deteriorate by leaps and bounds. More inflation and poverty, greater indebtedness and an unpayable tax burden, a giant State full of incompetent, lazy and exponents of the most despicable of contemporary politics, are part of the everyday landscape.

Nothing good to stand out, or to feel proud. Claim unconditional support in this scenario is a huge perversity and an incomparable brazenness. They do not even have the humility to acknowledge that they have not done what is necessary, that they missed out on unrepeatable opportunities and squandered an opportunity, the product of their childish foolishness. If your best argument is that the others are a danger, that they are much worse than them and that it would be terrible for them to come back, it means that they are totally unreasonable and totally unprofitable. If that finally happens, they will have to take charge, because it will be the absolute responsibility of those who were in charge and systematically wrong despite the multiple warnings from people of good faith who proposed a very different agenda that they discarded effusively. It is not impossible that thanks to this impasse, the current ruling party triumphs. If it does so, it will only be because society does not want to back down, but it will also be the unmistakable sign of a new setback, because never in history has arrogance and incompetence been synonymous with success and progress.


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