As liberal organizations, we firmly believe that the institutions of liberty have helped lift billions of people out of poverty through the generation of wealth produced by work, innovation, and entrepreneurship. That is why we reject solutions to poverty based on state intervention and income redistribution, which only serve to stop the creation of wealth by impoverishing the entire population.

Rather, we propose policies that focus on the following principles, similar to those that have reduced extreme poverty from 26.8% of the world’s population to 5.4% in just three decades.

  1. RULE OF LAW: Respect the independence of political and legal institutions that guarantee equality before the law, protection of individual rights and respect for private property.
  2. MARKET FREEDOM: Trust in the ability of people to save, undertake, contract, invest and decide for themselves what goods and services to consume within a framework of freedom and mutual respect.
  3. FREE TRADE: Promoting the free and voluntary exchange of goods, services and ideas favors all parties involved, and in this exchange the whole society also benefits.

We renew our commitment to promote these principles in civil society to transform them into public policies that ensure a future of prosperity for Latin America and the world.

We adhere:

  • Asociación Argentina de Contribuyentes.
  • Asociación Civil Río Paraná.
  • Asociación de Contribuyentes. (Perú)
  • Ayn Rand Center Latinoamérica.
  • Caminos de Libertad (México)
  • CEDICE Libertad (Venezuela)
  • Centro de Estudios Económicos Argentina XXI.
  • Fundación Club de la Libertad.
  • Fundación Eléutera (Honduras)
  • Fundación Federalismo y Libertad.
  • Fundación Internacional Bases.
  • Fundación Libertad.
  • Fundación Libertad y Progreso.
  • Fundación Nueva Democracia (Bolivia)
  • Fundación Progreso y Libertad.
  • Fundación para la Responsabilidad Intelectual.
  • Fundación Rioplatense de Estudios.
  • Instituto Acton Argentina.
  • Instituto Amagi.
  • Instituto Desarrollo Ambiente y Libertad (Costa Rica)
  • Instituto Fernando de la Mora (Paraguay)
  • Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo (Chile)
  • Red Liberal de América Latina.