Statement in defense of the Nicaraguan opposition

RELIAL – Joint statement from RELIAL and the Liberal International: On the dissolution by force of the liberal opposition

Those who defend democracy and human rights around the world are outraged at the actions of Daniel Ortega’s regime in Nicaragua on August 6th.

We strongly condemn the dissolution of the main opposition party, Ciudadanos por la Libertad, and we demand justice for Kitty Monterrey, Vice President of the Liberal International, who was stripped of her nationality.

These are the actions of a regime that has done everything to criminalize democracy in the country. They are the last resource of a dictator who can no longer contain the Nicaraguan people’s desire for freedom.

We are deeply concerned for the safety of those harassed by the Sandinista government, who are victims of abuse and arbitrary detentions.

There is no democracy without opposition. Politicians around the world should focus their attention on events in Nicaragua. We must join forces and demand the release of all political prisoners.

We call on Daniel Ortega to revoke his decision to suspend the citizenship of Ms. Monterrey, and demand the immediate release of all political opponents who were detained ahead of the November 2021 elections. We also raise our voice for the international community to speak out and act decisively against these practices.