“Argentina is in a recession that will deepen is 2023”

Aldo Abram, spoke with RADIO REALPOLITIK FM about the situation of the economy in Argentina at present and in the coming months.

The economic and financial consultant affirmed that “international organizations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are very willing to help the government to the extent that, if it does not make great mistakes, they are willing to pardon anything and do whatever is necessary so that the agreement does not fall, there is no cessation of payments and this government is able to hand over the command to the opposition next year as expected,” said Aldo Abram.

In 2023 we are going to have a lot of inflation, probably most of the year, except in the months before the elections because they are going to take artificial measures at a tremendous cost that we are going to have to pay after the elections,” he analyzed.

On the other hand, he stressed that “Since September Argentina entered a recession that will continue and deepen throughout 2023. We cannot expect anything good from this government because for them the diagnosis is that Argentina has a serious flu and not terminal illnesses that are killing her. The only thing we can do is hope that this government hands over the mandate to another whose diagnosis is correct, therefore applying adequate treatment”.

Lastly, he pointed out: “The program that we are presenting would be shocking by standards, in order to reform the state without anyone losing their income, it will take us at least two years, the tax reform three or four and it is logical because we economists are not magicians”, he concluded.