Great Uncertainty About The Economy And Central Bank Regulations Trigger The Dollar

EL LIBERAL – The dollar, in its different versions, continues its upward trend sustained for reasons of political, economic and health expectations, which generate great uncertainties in the short, medium and long term.

Every so often the dollar takes a leap that alters the markets and the nerves of the population, while attracting small, medium and large investors depending on the circumstances. For being the alternative currency for some or the real currency for others, the dollar is always in the news in Argentina as nowhere else in the world and more so when there is a jump in its price, something that happens regularly.

However, at the current juncture, expectations of a scenario with higher inflation, devaluation prospects, longer quarantine with even less rigidity, greater monetary issue and the fiscal red are weighing heavily, due to the drop in tax collection.

The unresolved renegotiation of the external debt also influences.

In the circumstances of the last few days, it is heavy that the Central Bank authorized banks to block transfers in dollars that cannot be justified by their clients.

“Official restrictions take people out of demand and force other actors to sell, as happened with the Mutual Investment Funds, thereby distorting the stock exchange’s alternative prices for a time. But they cannot distort the blue dollar, and everything that will lower the peso will be reflected in it, ”said economist Aldo Abram.

He explained that with “with the quarantine and economic uncertainty, many people did not have anything to spend on and preferred to leave the pesos immobilized in the bank account. But in recent weeks the economy is opening up. “

From Personal Portfolio Investments they considered “important to point out that with the latest regulations of the Central Bank added to the strong expansionary monetary activity it does not stop putting pressure on the level of the exchange rate”.

Nery Persichini, of GMA Capital, explained that “you have to take into account all this architecture of controls that are made so that stock exchange rates tend to go down rather than go up.”

The economist Walter Morales, president of Wise SA, affirmed that “the gap with blue will continue because the official dollar will continue to rise at cruising speed. Leaving aside that for the informal, the investment basically goes through blue or brick, in Wise we see an official dollar, from here to a year, at 115 pesos ”