Quarantine, Home Prison, Permits, Lock-ups, Total Ruin: Will We Ever End This Madness?

Gabriel Zanotti

Member of the Academic Council of Libertad y Progreso

ECONOMIC POINT OF VIEW – The truth, everything leads me to answer no.

Some few, very few, we began to fight against all this madness more or less since January, to the mockery of all. And I’m not victimizing myself. The insults only confirmed my position. I say this so that the general madness is noticed. Liberal dogmatic, denialist, conspiranoic, were the most frequent names, me and several, in addition to being someone unscrupulous, ideologized, economist, who does not care about people’s lives, hopefully you die of the virus, etc etc etc, things that, I say again, did not affect me at all, I only remember them so that it is possible to see the level of collective alienation, even by people who “believed they believed” in freedom.

Until it happened that, more or less about 5 or 6, we made on Facebook a secret group, “The resistance”, where we posted all the alternative views. We looked like the first Christians marking the fish on the ground under the watchful gaze of the Emperor. We did it so as not to harm our families. Luckily I kept insisting on my blog and it was impossible that the insane Don Quixote that lives in me did not publish directly on my wall.

But we weren’t just some crazy liberals. Many doctors and epidemiologists began to join “the resistance.” The first, a total hero, from the beginning, was Pablo Goldschmid. And now I can say that, at this point, countless more. In March I published on my blog, twice, all those alternative voices. Each time they were more or less about 10. Today I don’t have enough time to do it back. Thank God.

But of course all those voices have been silenced and persecuted. They have been removed from youtube, Facebook, and only survive because the new maquis are permanently uploaded back. They are ignored and persecuted by governments. And we are not talking about those who throw themselves against Bill Gates and etc. We are talking about simple elementary expositions of how the immune system works and that’s it. No conspiracy theory is necessary to denounce this madness.

But to suspect is not to be delusional. In the face of censorship, in the face of the political use of the virus by all (ALL) interventionist governments in the world, one cannot help but wonder what is really happening.

In all of America the situation could not be worse. Let’s start with Latin America. On a continent where millions and millions of people lived daily, without savings, without decent housing, they were mercilessly locked up, and then locked back in filthy prisons if they got out of their “houses”. There are countries that directly imposed a curfew, a state of siege, and how many more things could they do to become the new Soviet Union. If they had done it with a really serious disease, it would still have been absolutely immoral (I repeat, to increase my fame as an alien: if they had done it with a really serious disease, it would have been absolutely immoral). But to make matters worse they did it not only when in Europe it began to calm down (by the way, the alternative explanations of why what happened in Spain and Italy were also censored) but when more and more scientists dared to come out of the closet and risk their career and his fame for the non harm of his Hippocratic oath. But nothing. Presidents who were even doctors seemed to suddenly ignore the most elementary of immunology. Why?

In the US it was even worse. (1) ALL, ALL, without exception, Democratic mayors and governors turned their cities and states into new North Koreas. It is easier for Trump to speak to Kim Yong-un than to the Chicago authorities. Why?

Never in the history of the West has philosophy been so evident and, in turn, so denied. Thousands upon thousands of texts explaining the limits of science, hundreds of books written by Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and Feyerabend explaining the limits of science, thousands upon thousands of articles explaining them, and not at all, except to boringly fill journals unbearable. Almost all scientists, not science, appeared with all their arrogance and authoritarianism, exactly as Feyerabend had explained and predicted, telling us what to do with the most sacred thing in our lives, before a world public opinion lacking critical thought, alienated and mass.

Never in the history of the West were Freud, Fromm and Ortega’s explanations of massification and alienation seen in all their harshness. They must be wondering, however, why they killed so much. As if nothing had been written. At least when the collective alienation brought the psychopath Hitler into power, it was clear to Poles, French, English and Americans who Hitler was, at least since 1939. Now, without firing a single shot, without deploying troops, the so-called Hitler WHO has totally invaded us and its generals and lieutenants, called experts, occupy privileged positions in all the White, Pink and Varied Houses of the world.

For which eminent philosophers like Gadamer, Wittgenstein, Ricoeur, Eco, and hundreds who understand and explain them, have killed themselves explaining the limits of human language and the importance of interpretations. Back, they only seem to exist to show resumes but not to take them seriously. Like the postmodern who lost his patience when I was winning the discussion, and revealed what he really thought: “Gabriel, the facts are the facts !!!”. There has never been so much talk of facts, data, figures and numbers, even scientists who are against this madness. Useless seems to explain once again that there are no texts without contexts. No. The world has become the cruellest empire of brutal positivism, and the postmoderns for which the only important thing was how you perceive yourself, today are the champions of “the facts” that endorse the totalitarian measures of their beloved governments.

Never has the double standard been so appalling, nor has hypocrisy ever been so frightening. get out ”to destroy, threaten, steal and loot. They remember the “limit to power” to signal to Trump that he should not send federals to their cities and states, but the real limited government, not to mention.

And of the religions better not to speak. As far as I am concerned, Catholicism, which should have been an example for the world, which should have taken up the glorious tradition of the first Christians, who gave their lives before not going to Mass, ha ha, forget it. Their authorities, surrendered to world scientism, overflowing in their ignorance or what do I know, indolent and accommodating, forgotten about sacred religious freedom, have not shaken the hand of supporting the plain and simple prohibition of the most sacred sacraments. As always, some have saved the honor, but under the silence, and even the mockery, of luckily the no higher authority of the Church.

And meanwhile we continue here, processing permits, waiting like anxious and subdued slaves for slavers to give us authorizations to breathe and live.

How long will this madness continue?

I am not optimistic, but thank God my pessimism is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I think the whole world has crossed a line after which it is very difficult to return. I also said it under the rejection of almost everyone: in the fight against terrorism, Videla, Bush, etc., they crossed a line that should NOT be crossed. Now everyone denies it or regrets it. We will see in this case if in some years there is someone repentant, we will see if there is someone apologizing.

And of the causes, I have a little more certainty. It is called constructivism (Hayek), instrumental reason (Adorno, Horkheimer). That the intellectual left hates the first, ok, but that it has behaved just like the monster predicted by the Frankfurt School, is another example of how little ideas matter when the atavistic fear of death, the true emperor, dominates his academic lives.

I finish these, as always, quixotic and useless reflections, wondering if those authors have been nothing but excellent forensic doctors who indicated how to do the autopsy of all humanity.