Why Argentina is on the way to reneging on its eventual agreement with the IMF

ADN EMPRESARIO – Economist Aldo Abram explains that due to the lack of will to carry out the reforms that are needed to cut a crisis process it is unlikely that an agreement with the IMF will be reached, given the current situation of the economy and the signals sent by the Government.

According to Abram, executive director of Libertad y Progreso, “The Government is in need of a story. An epic. The meeting with the governors was not necessary, and neither is the one to be held in the National Congress.”

In an interview with ADNempresario, Aldo Abram explained that the Government intends to make it appear as if the conditions were imposed on the IMF by Argentina, and not the other way around.

In this regard, Minister Martín Guzmán behavior was more of what we have seen so far, and nothing more.

However, the interviewee said that, because of the dialogue conditions observe and the lack of will of the Government to make the necessary reforms to get out of the crisis, “the forecast is yet another non-compliance with a future agreement with the IMF” and highlighted that our country “has already breached 22 agreements with the agency“.