Controles agropecuarios
Eugenio Marí

Can we afford not to export?

LA NACIÓN – Last Monday, by decree, the national government confirmed what was already expected: restrictions on beef exports will

Enrique Blasco Garma

Argentina: A minefield for private contracts.

INFOBAE: Argentine society seems confused. It has forgotten that income is obtained exclusively by individuals through interactions between private parties.

precio de alimentos controlados inflación
Roberto H. Cachanosky

A long story of price controls and inflation

This article was originally published at La Nación on October 23rd, 2021. According to economist Roberto Cachanosky, the Argentine government

Evolución de la economía y elecciones argentinas
Articles & Op-Eds
Libertad y Progreso

The economic risks of a political defeat.

This was originally published as an editorial for La Nación on September 15th, 2021 The primaries may anticipate the outcome

Articles & Op-Eds
Agustín Etchebarne

“In Argentina statism is a religion”.

Agustín Etchebarne, general director at Libertad y Progreso, spoke to BCR News, saying that “it is very difficult to put

Taxes and the welfare state

This article was originally published in El Cronista on August 4th, 2021. Congress is once again increasing taxes on the productive sector. Additionally, it

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